1 pro­duct — many pos­si­bi­li­ties



accor­ding to sche­me of the Ger­man “Eloxal­ver­band”

EV‑1 natural aluminum silver

natu­ral alu­mi­num sil­ver

light gold

light gold

EV‑3 dark gold

dark gold

EV‑6 black


C31 stainless steel

stain­less steel

E7-C31 stainless steel, polished

stain­less steel, polished

Colors can vary slight­ly per order. Colour devia­ti­ons due to prin­ting tech­no­lo­gy are pos­si­ble.

EVD Keys

for sur­face tre­at­ment and colou­ring

10 E6 EV‑1

20 E6 EV‑2

30 E6 EV‑3

40 E6 EV‑6

19 E6 C 13

11 E5 EV‑1

21 E5 EV‑2

31 E5 EV‑3

41 E5 EV‑6

29 E5 C 31

18 E7 C 31

01 unt­rea­ted

02 ground and polished

75 chro­me pla­ted

80 ena­me­led

99 non-alu­mi­num parts

Finish accor­ding to DIN 171611 and DIN 171612

Here’s a list of our codes, their respec­ti­ve kind of pre-tre­at­ment and the resul­ting sur­face.

Code Tre­at­ment Sur­face
E 5 ground, polished smooth, shi­ny appearance. all stripes and rough spots remo­ved
E 6 che­mi­cal­ly trea­ted satin or matt sur­face; slight scoring and roug­hening are not com­ple­te­ly remo­ved, but at most level­led out.
E 7* Stain­less steel grin­ding san­ded, but with spe­cial com­bi­na­ti­on fleece.

*not in com­pli­ance with DIN 171611 or 171612

The fol­lo­wing remarks of sur­face refi­ne­ment can be offe­red in the­se maxi­mum widths:

Remark Max. width
polished 6000 mm
anodi­zed 6000 mm
chro­med 6000 mm
lac­que­r­ed accor­ding to RAL 6000 mm